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If you are looking to lose weight, cut fat, and tighten up those lines, Synedrex is the most powerful thermogenic agent on the market. This extreme energy booster and metabolism accelerator will help you reach your weight loss goals faster while maintaining energy throughout the day.*


Synedrex is a high-potency thermogenic loaded with proven fat mobilizing and metabolism boosting ingredients. The addition of key stimulants help to provide extreme energy and additional metabolism boosting effects.*

Unlike other thermogenics, Synedrex adds focus-improving elements to help take the edge off and allow you to perform your regularly daily tasks. Since Synedrex has been scientifically engineered, you avoid the common high stimulant post-crash drop off but can also utilize the added energy to give a boost to your workouts. Due to the strength of Synedrex, we recommend assessing tolerance by using it initially without any other weight loss or energy enhancing products.*

What is Synedrex?

Synedrex is a scientifically designed fat burning, thermogenic agent that combines ingredients to help increase metabolic activity and provide sustained energy throughout the day.*

How does Synedrex work?

The ingredients in Synedrex have been combined to accelerate your metabolism, mobilize fat and sugars, and provide more energy all day long. These unique ingredients activate key aspects of cellular metabolism and reduce inflammation through powerful antioxidants. Additionally, Synedrex can also satiate hunger and provide more focus and clarity throughout the day.*

What kind of results can I expect from using Synedrex?

When combined with a solid exercise program and good nutritional habits, you will find that Synedrex will increase your metabolic rate, help you burn more calories and remove some of that stubborn fat.*

Why is Synedrex better than other fat burners?

While most fat burners use caffeine and have peaks and hard crashes when it comes to energy, Synedrex has been designed to reduce the jitters commonly found in competing products. With Synedrex, you get increased thermogenesis, while controlling mood, focus and mental clarity. As an all day fat burner, you can concentrate on the important tasks, and still increase your metabolic rate.*

How do I take Synedrex for optimal results?

We recommend taking one Synedrex pill in the morning with food and a glass of water and assess your tolerance. It is not advised to take a second capsule in the same day without assessing your tolerance to Synedrex beforehand.*

Do I need to "load" or "cycle" Synedrex?

You do not need to load or cycle Synedrex, simply use it as you feel the need to improve overall energy and increase your metabolic rate. While Synedrex does not contain any ingredients that would alter your body’s ability to function normally, it is always advised to take a week or two off from thermogenics every 8 to 12 weeks just to allow your body a chance to reset itself.*

Can I take Synedrex with other products?

You can take Synedrex with other Metabolic Nutrition products including Protizyme, CGP, TAG, Tri-Pep, Thyrene, Hydravax, or any products that do not contain stimulants (unless your tolerance has been well-assessed). If you dose Synedrex maximally, you should be careful not to take any other stimulants within 4 hours of consuming Synedrex.*

Are there any known side effects when using Synedrex?

With all stimulant-based products, including Synedrex, you need to assess your tolerance to prevent over-stimulation. Because of the energy provided by Synedrex, we do not recommend using Synedrex late in the evening. Taking Synedrex with food is recommended as some persons have noted the feeling of nausea when using Synedrex on an empty stomach. Like all supplements, you should consult your physician prior to using Synedrex as well as read and understand the entire label to make sure that you are not allergic or intolerant to specific ingredients.*

Why should I use Synedrex?

If you want to have ripped and defined physique, or just looking to shed a few pounds, then Synedrex, when dosed properly, can take your results to a new level of lean. Realize however, that just trying to use a thermogenic agent without exercising may not produce results as rapidly as you would like.*

Who should use Synedrex?

Synedrex should be used by anyone looking to burn some extra calories, shed fat, maintain muscle and have more energy during the day, especially when on a calorie-reduced nutrition program. Children should not consume Synedrex, nor should pregnant women or persons with existing health conditions that prohibit use of high-stimulant products and thermogenic agents. Anyone trying Synedrex should assess their own tolerance before using more than one capsule daily.*

Is Synedrex for both men and women?

Absolutely. Since Synedrex has been formulated to act on the thermogenic processes, it can be used by anyone. The ingredients within Synedrex do not specifically address male or female issues thus making it perfect for both sexes.*

Are there any scientific studies to support Synedrex?

There are several studies supporting each of the ingredients in Synedrex as well as studies showing the effects of combining several ingredients. The scientific team at Metabolic Nutrition is constantly testing ingredients and analyzing research, as well as each product is fully tested using trial groups to ascertain efficacy and potency of the end product. All products are batch tested, and follow GMP guidelines both in the developing and manufacturing processes.*




3 reviews for Synedrex

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve lost 32lbs in the past few months & I’m smaller than I’ve been in ten years. I’ve tried other diet pills before and they never made a difference. Synedrex was the first one I’ve taken where I’ve seen results. I like Synedrex because it helps me focus at work (I get so much more done!), it eliminates my appetite which allows me to eat meals that I plan instead of randomly snacking, and the energy lasts throughout the day – I still have energy to work out in the evening after work. The only thing I didn’t like about this – the first few days suck. I felt sick and jittery because my body wasn’t used it it yet. Don’t let that discourage you though, stick with it. I did, and I feel amazing right now! Absolutely worth it!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have to give this product a 5. I purchased this product to go with my weight loss stack that I was using to transform my body. I had a plateau for quite some time and with this product I lost about 10 pounds of weight in a week or 2. The product itself does work. One thing I like was the appetite suppressant BUT and i will say this. if your not on a eating schedule GET ON ONE. This product will truly make you NOT hungry . 100% it doesn’t suppress it kills lol, if you have a schedule you’ll have no issue eating and loosing weight. Recommend it 100%

  3. 4 out of 5


    I’ve been using Synedrex since September 2014 and it really does work really quickly. It’s potent so do not take if you’re sensitive and it really does suppress your hunger, but i recommend taking it and take it with food in the morning, even if it’s just fruit. Side effects, aside from a little jittery feeling and feeling hot (it is a thermogenic), my skin itched a little all over and i experienced a strange smell every time i took it within 5 minutes, people around me didn’t experience it. Synedrex worked for me with just one a day.

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Due to the strength of Synedrex, we recommend assessing tolerance by using it initially without any other weight loss or energy enhancing products.

Do not use more than two capsules daily and do not take Synedrex in the evening. If the effects of one capsule of Synedrex lasts for more than 15 hours, consider taking one capsule every other day.