Protizyme Butter Pecan Cookie Bites

We LOVE healthy recipes that are packed with protein! We’re talkin’ less than 10 healthy ingredients to make these P...

Chewy Protizyme Granola Bars

Back to school time is coming! Need a quick breakfast? After school snack? Put the kids on the bus and YOU need a sn...

Protizyme Cheesecake Bites

We like simple recipes.  We’re talkin’ 3 ingredient, no bake, ready in less than 15 minutes easy! Protizyme Sprinkle...

Protizyme Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Talk about the ultimate comfort food! Protizyme Chocolate Chip Banana Bread! Emphasis on the chocolate chip. The enti...

Protizyme Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Talk about the ultimate comfort food! Something about a warm cinnamon roll...does it get any better?! It does when y...

Protizyme French Toast Sticks

What’s better than French Toast? French Toast Sticks with warm Dipping Sauce! We suggest using our Butter Pecan Co...
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