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I Have always been into Sports and staying active ever since I was young. As I got into my early 20s I really got into competitive Bodybuilding and pushing myself to achieve the best physique possible.  I was always inspired on how hard work, determination and consistency could change my physique.  Once I  saw the results of hard consistent training…I learned how diet could help bring me even more results.  About the same time, I also learned how important great supplementation is to stay healthy and allow me to make gains even faster than before!  That’s why I love All Metabolic Nutrition supplements, as they allow me to push my training to levels I never imagined!   Now I feel even healthier and my physique is at my all time best.  The incredible part…is that I continue to improve…so, stay tuned for what’s to come!



How long have you been into fitness and what got you into it?

I’ve been into fitness for 23 Years, ever since I was a little Kid lI oved playing Basketball, Football, Baseball or any competitive sports.  I thrived on the competition, but wanted more!  Now with competing in Bodybuilding, my greatest competition is myself, pushing myself to be better than my previous year’s conditioning…I love it!

What has been your biggest struggle in your fitness journey?

My Biggest Struggle is trying to eat enough food to keep Growing as a Bodybuilder…not only in having enough time to cook all the nutrition I need…but also to have the time to eat all the time.  This is why Metabolic Nutrition supplements are so important to me…they give me nutrition on the go so my busy schedule doesn’t compromise my body from getting the nutrition it needs after hard strenuous workouts.

Do you have a favorite meal?

My Favorite meal Lamb Shank with Rice and a Salad…my body loves it and it’s my “go to” grow food!

What is your one cheat meal you reward yourself with?

My Go to Cheat Meal Pizza, Wings and Chocolate Chip Cookies…I mean who doesn’t love these foods!  While I eat them sparingly, I make sure I earn the right to consume the extra calories by having calorie burning workouts beforehand so I can reward myself with these cheat meals.

What are your fitness goals when you started out verses what they are now?

My fitness Goals are to win a IFBB Pro Card and to compete with the best of the best on stage.  I also want to be a positive role model for other athletes who are following on the same athletic road I traveled by being an example of how a true athlete eats, trains, sleeps and most of all carries themselves as a professional athlete and a good person.  I want to set the example for future athletes to look up to me as what a true athlete is in this sport.

What keeps you motivated?

Just to Keep improving and Stay Healthy…staying true to my family, friends and to my sport that I love with all my heart.  I leave my mark in life….leaving others with a smile and a positive vibe when they think of me.

Who inspires you?

I am not inspired by any one person.  I find motivation and inspiration in all people…young, old, athletes, non-athletes, men or women…anyone can inspire me!  I find that people that motivate others to stay healthy and live their best possible life is what inspires me.  I hope that I leave this same impact on others when they meet me!

What supplements do you use and why? 

My Favorite Supplements are IsoPowder, Protizyme as my protein sources as they allow me to consume all the protein I need to recover my muscles when I am running around on my busy schedule.  For my workouts I use ESP Pre-workout (stim / energy) combined with PSP Pre-workout (non-stim) to get the most out of my workouts, the energy and pumps I get from this stack are unreal!  For recovery after my workout, I rely heavily on  HYDRAEAA to get in all my essential amino acids as they have the highest potency in the marketplace and I can really feel my muscles recover quickly with reduced soreness and more muscle fullness after workouts.   I just love all the Metabolic Nutrition supplements as they are essential for all my Health and Fitness Goals

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