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When you own a business, whether you make pizza, perform oil changes, or even provide tax accounting, almost everyone you meet with will ask you, “What makes your company or product so special?” It is a question we all have asked ourselves before we support a business or spend our hard earned money on a product. It is a question all of us here at Metabolic Nutrition asks ourselves as well, because the secret to what makes us “SPECIAL” is in how we answer to all of these questions.



Metabolic Nutrition is a 30 year old nutritional supplement company, started by Dr. Cohen, with the passion to treat his patients with proper nutrition as a way of helping them achieve better health. It’s been a philosophy of ours since the beginning and it continues to this day as our company grows. Now 60+ employees strong, this philosophy is introduced and taught to everyone who works at Metabolic Nutrition. It is our sole purpose and passion to make a difference in the lives of our customers.



Metabolic Nutrition was created with a purpose from Dr. Cohen who believed that many health-related issues stemmed from metabolic abnormalities caused by nutrient deficiencies. It was this ideology that led Dr. Cohen to create Metabolic Nutrition, with the sole purpose to address and correct nutrient deficiencies through proper diet and nutritional supplementation. To this day, we continue to support the ideology and direction Dr. Cohen established 30 years ago as we continue to develop nutritional supplements to address multiple metabolic issues our customers face today, not only from a health and wellness standpoint, but also to address improving athletic performance as well.



Metabolic Nutrition knew long ago that if we were going to have an impact in the lives of our customers, we would have to make the investment in how and where we manufactured these nutritional solutions for them, basically to provide the best we knew, WE HAD TO MAKE IT! This took years of commitment and investment that ultimately culminated in a 50,000 sq ft state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility, where we employ 60+ highly trained professionals to manufacture each and every supplement to the highest quality imaginable.



Metabolic Nutrition is committed 24/7 to research and investigation of all the latest medical studies and ingredient clinical reports to see what new and innovative scientific research is being conducted in the arena of nutritional supplementation that can have a positive effect on our customers to improve their lives. It is our goal to develop the latest cutting edge nutritional supplements that empower every customer to feel like they are living each and every day to their highest potential.



Metabolic Nutrition is dedicated to making the best possible products for its customers. How we accomplish this is by making sure all aspects of product development is controlled in our facility from beginning to end. Metabolic Nutrition handles everything from the purchase of raw materials, analytical testing, rigid Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), formatted Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s), with all manufacturing/packaging/warehousing all handled in-house to insure the highest quality products are manufactured for our customers!



The reason “Why” we do this is simple, it’s a commitment to quality that supports the promise Dr. Cohen made to his patients 30 years ago…a promise that was made to improve the health and well-being of their lives. In order to fulfill this promise, we had to make the commitment to constantly evolve and improve our company to meet the highest standards for manufacturing…and that means a commitment to QUALITY. Our entire staff is committed to this promise as well, regardless of the department they work in, each and every one of us understands the responsibility of our work contributes to making sure Metabolic Nutrition products positively affect the lives of our customers!

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