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As of March 1st, 2022

This is Metabolic Nutrition, Inc.’s cookie statement applies to the following web stores:

Definition of COOKIES

Cookies allow our websites to work effectively and make them user-friendly. Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser saves on your computer when you use our website. Cookies allow us to collect information about the use of our services, and to improve and adjust them to our visitors’ wishes.

why do we use COOKIES?

Cookies allow us to distinguish between the various web store visitors and handle your orders correctly. We also use cookies to understand, based on the data from your visit to our website, what you as a visitor are interested in. This allows us to optimize and improve the website.

OTHER programs used with cookies.

As well as cookies, we use web beacons, tracking pixels and JavaScript. These are standard internet technologies that, together with cookies, ensure our web server can collect information about your visit to the website and use this information. When referring to “cookies”, we mean cookies plus other technologies.

We use cookies for different reasons, for example:

  • When you visit our website, you don’t receive, or have to enter, the same information again;
  • We can offer you special website functionalities such as the shopping cart;
  • We can measure how our website is used and how to improve it;
  • We can recognize which device you use when you’re visiting us;
  • We can show you advertisements and recommendations based on your interests;
  • We can register (or have registered) how often an advertisement is displayed, to better let the advertisements meet your needs and interests and prevent you constantly seeing the same advertisement.


We don’t have to request your permission to set up and read certain cookies.

This applies to:

  • Cookies that allow you to communicate via the internet;
  • Cookies that are required for using the functionality of the website;
  • Analytical cookies that have little or minimum impact on your privacy.

For advertising and marketing cookies we request your permission before we set them up and read them. We do this via the cookie statement in our website, where it states that you can accept advertising and marketing cookies by clicking further on web pages within our website. If you don’t accept the advertising and marketing cookies then you can state this by clicking on the relevant link in the cookie statement and making a choice. You can always withdraw your choice by adjusting your cookie preference in ‘My cookie preferences’ below.

We use Google Tag Manager to tag specific content within our web store. This helps us determine which cookies we can place and which content we can store. As we’ve explained above, we must ask your permission for some cookies, and not others. With the use of cookies, we follow the ACM guidelines.


These make it easier for you to browse our website. We use functional cookies which ensure that you can add items to your shopping cart and that they are still there during your next visit to our website. We also use a cookie that ensures that when you’re logged in and leave the website, you’re still logged when you return.


These cookies allow us, with the help of third parties, to measure the browsing behavior of visitors on our website, so that we can improve the customer convenience if needed. This means that we ensure that your experience of our website becomes increasingly better and the less important information is suppressed.

We use cookies from the following parties:

  • Google Analytics With Google Analytics we measure how you use our webshop and how you found us. We use this knowledge to improve our site. (recognizable by __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __utmv, __utmx).
  • Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows us to place various cookies on the website in a technically simple way. • Google Search Console Google Search Console helps us monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot our website’s presence in Google Search results.


You can view advertisements from both BSN and third parties on our website. We use cookies to keep them relevant. These cookies allow us to measure the effect of our advertisements. This in turn allows us to effectively determine which advertisements and promotions appeal to you and which do not. These advertisements can also be viewed on third party websites.

We use cookies from the following parties:

  • Facebook -  This cookie shows which products you view in the webshop. This way we can show you relevant advertisements within Facebook. Without these cookies you will miss out on personal offers.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools -  Bing Webmaster Tools helps us monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot our website’s presence in Bing Search results.
  • Google Adwords -  This cookie shows which products you view. This way we can show you relevant ads within Google. Without these cookies you will miss out on personal offers.
  • Google Ads -  This cookie shows which products you view. This way we can show you relevant ads within Google. Without these cookies you will miss out on personal offers.

Personal data in advertising

In some cases, the marketing cookies involve the processing of your personal data. Refusing these cookies may result in seeing advertising that is not as relevant to you or you not being able to link effectively with Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks and/or not allowing you to share content on social media.


We only use marketing cookies if you have given permission for this. If you do not give permission for this, advertisements will still be shown, but these will be random. 

You can also personally remove or switch off our cookies. Discover how to remove or switch off cookies for different browsers below:


As described above, personal data is also processed when using certain cookies. In our privacy policy and terms and conditions you can find more information about how we proceed with your data.

Changes to this policy

We adjust our cookie statement when changes are made to our web store, or the rules regarding cookies. The date of the latest version of the cookie statement is stated at the top of this document.

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