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Hi my name is Beth Cohen and I’m a proud mother of 2 amazing kids Jacob and Ellie.  My other passions include interior decorating, gardening and animals…as evidence to my 6 rescue fur babies that live with me now!  But my biggest passion is physical fitness which began as early as 3 years old with my first dance class and I feel in love with how physical activity made me feel and improved my confidence.  I continue to live a life of fitness to this day and I train 6 days a week in the gym and do cardio every day and I love every minute of it…even on the hardest leg days…lol!    My greatest hope is to live by example and to let the goals I have obtained in fitness serves as an inspiration to others.  And to let everyone know that you can obtain fitness at any age and that the most important thing is that you just do it…stick with it…and if you do, you will be amazed at how fitness can turn back time and change the way you look and feel every day!



How long have you been into fitness and what got you into it?

I have been physically active since I was 3yrs old.  By the time I was 19 I had been dancing for 16 years and had very developed legs but my upper body was definitely lagging behind and I wanted to develop my upper body to match my leg muscularity.  So I started weight training at 19 and continue to this day…at my young age of 54!  So I’ve been training for 35 years!

What has been your biggest struggle in your fitness journey?

The biggest struggle in my fitness journey is transitioning from dance where I was taught not to eat.  In dance I was taught that the thinner you were, the more you could improve your dancing…which lead me to a mental battle with food and also the scale.  But since I switched from dance to weight training…I had to re-educate how I thought about food….and accept that food is a fuel to build muscle and not something that was going to make me fat and not obtain my goals.  It was also hard when I started out because there wasn’t very many trainers who had experience in training women in weight training / bodybuilding…so I had to learn by watching and listening and experimenting on what worked and didn’t work for me.

Do you have a favorite meal…and if so, what is it? 

My favorite meal is always red meat…either a hamburger with roasted veggies…or my other go-to is steak! 

What is your one cheat meal you reward yourself with?

I allow myself a little snack every day...I just plan for it in my macro’s for that day.  I don’t believe in having a day of “cheat meals”….rather I feel you can enjoy little treats every day as long as you plan your calories and marcos to include them and stick to your diet regardless.  This is better for me as it doesn’t make food forbidden which would drive me to  crave certain foods.   So in saying this, my “cheat” meals would be mini chocolate chip cookies or dark salted chocolate.

What are your fitness goals when you started out verses what they are now?

My fitness goals when I started, was to get my upper body to match my lower body leg development from all those years of dance.  My current fitness goal, is to continually improve my body by building more muscle and maintain lower body fat to enhance my body and muscularity for my best body shape possible!

What keeps you motivated?

Things that keep me motivated is to mainly keep in shape and stay healthy.  I don’t see my age as a limiting factor as long as I keep devoted and dedicated to my fitness goals…my body and conditioning will continue to improve!

Who inspires you?

I look at other women who are dedicated to their fitness…such as Michelle McDonnald and Hattie Boydle…as these women not only represent the dedication to all aspects of fitness, from weight training, diet and also the mental attitude to continue to grow physically and mentally strong! 

What supplements do you use and why? 


ThyreneHair /

Skin / Nails

Omega 369

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