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My name is David Wills. I have been into fitness for most of my life, though it didn’t become a central part until much later.  For much of my adult life I pursued and academic career. I was a college professor and almost finished with a Ph.D., but over time my interests changed and rather than settling for something I was no longer passionate about, I decided to leave my former career for new pursuits which included becoming more involved in the fitness world. Living a life without regret is very important to me, and I want to always be someone who is willing to pursue their dreams and do the things that lead to the most happiness and fulfillment. In addition to being a fitness enthusiast, I am a lifelong baseball fan and also enjoy traveling and photography. 



How long have you been into fitness and what got you into it?

I have been into fitness since a young age. I played sports as a kid and was also inspired by my oldest brother who was in the Army and was very strong with a good physique. I knew I wanted to be like that when I grew up. I began lifting as a teenager and it has been quite a journey ever since. 

What has been your biggest struggle in your fitness journey?

The biggest struggle in my fitness journey has been consistency. For many years I would allow life circumstances or little injuries to throw me off my fitness routine for much longer than necessary. Exercise and healthy eating would come and go in phases. Sure we all need rest and like to enjoy some splurges, but it’s not good for it to become extensive just because a habit was briefly lost. Over time it helped when I began seeing fitness as an overall lifestyle and not a diet or just trying to look good for a certain occasion. 

Do you have a favorite meal…and if so, what is it? 

My favorite meal is a nice salad followed by filet mignon or salmon with rice or sweet potato.

What is your one cheat meal you reward yourself with?

My favorite cheat meal is pizza, with burger and fries a close second.

What are your fitness goals when you started out verses what they are now?

My fitness goals when I started as a skinny teenager was simply to have big muscles and be able to lift heavy weight. As I got older my goals changed. While having the best attainable physique is still desirable and a goal, it is no longer primary. The main focus is to be healthy, feel good, and age well. If I work hard and practice good nutrition for the sake of my health and overall well being, the body will follow naturally.

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is the results. Working out and eating healthy isn’t always easy, but the more I do those things, the more likely I will feel good, age well, and look my best. The results are worth it. 

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by anyone who is positive, genuine, hard working, and does whatever they can to continue developing into the best possible version of themselves, even when it’s not easy. I once saw an elderly man at the gym hitting the punching bag. He had very limited speed and mobility but was clearly giving that bag everything he had. Inspired by his determination, I felt the urge to go up to him, say hello and introduce myself. His name was Roger. It turns out he had Parkinson’s Disease, and as expected his physical abilities had been declining. He couldn’t lift weights anymore, but despite his difficulties he said he comes to the gym every day and hits the bag for as long as he’s able. People like him are superheroes. 

What supplements do you use and why? 

VitaGen - I love starting my day with a good and nutritious breakfast, and VitaGen is the perfect complement. It’s more than a typical multivitamin because it also contains adaptogens, carbohydrate metabolizers, and absorption accelerators.

Iso Pwdr & Musclean - Getting sufficient amounts of protein is essential for any healthy individual, and even more crucial for someone who exercises at a high level. I love Iso Pwdr because it tastes great and delivers high quality protein with digestive enzymes for fast absorption and benefit. Musclean is a high quality protein with the addition of healthy fats, and is the best tasting protein I have ever had. It’s like drinking a milkshake!

ESP & PSP - To get the best possible workout, I like to start with a good pre-workout. I love ESP because it is a power stimulant which gives me sustained energy and endurance in the gym, without a crash after. PSP is a great because it is a non stimulant pre workout that has amazing ingredients for physique stimulation, increased blood flow, and muscle pump. I’m always ready for a killer workout with incredible muscle pumps when I load with ESP and PSP. 

Hydra EAA - Muscle recovery is so important, and the harder I work the more I need to replenish my body in a timely manner and help prevent muscle breakdown. Hydra EAA is my favorite post workout supplement because it contains not only branched chain and essential amino acids, but also glutamine, electrolytes, B vitamins, and hydrations boosters. The moment my workout ends I’m drinking this!

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