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Metabolic ATHLETE


My name is Jun Luis Perez, better known as JPRockFitness in the fitness industry. I’m a Worldwide Exhibiting Contemporary Cuban Artist, but BodyBuilding is my true passion. I have a very competitive nature, therefore my drive is to over accomplish at all times. I’m a 5th degree black belt in Martial Arts, hunted Africa and all over the world for many years and I’m also a Florida State Champ in clay shooting just to mention a few of my previous adventures, but I’m currently dedicating my time & life to BodyBuilding competitions, as I’m participating in at least 3 shows per year, as well as helping others in their fitness health and wellness, so the journey continues…



How long have you been into fitness and what got you into it?

I came from an athletic background in Martial Arts starting at the age of 4 into the late 30’s. I started bodybuilding at 19, then shortly thereafter I engaged in family life and took a detour from the sport for some time. In 2016 I decided to take control over my physique so I started Bodybuilding once again and staying consistent ever since.

What is your one cheat meal you reward yourself with?

If Sushi counts as a cheat meal, this is my go to cheat meal.

What are your fitness goals when you started out verses what they are now?

Started with the idea of getting fit, but as the development progressed I started competing in the NPC since 2019, because this sport turned into my absolute passion.

What keeps you motivated?

The journey, the grind, the process. For me it’s all about the fight.

Who inspires you?

I’m my own inspiration through fighting all odds, challenging my mind and winning each battle by seeing my work come to fruition. Being a positive influence to others is what truly inspires me.

What supplements do you use and why? 

I use a variation of supps for different purposes; Gut health, Hormone health, Metabolic health. My daily intake is pretty extensive, starting with probiotics, GDAs, Vitamins and minerals, as well as protein supplements.


Favorite Supplements

Insulean: Helps with the transport of glycogen to the muscle cell for energy source rather than deposit glucose in the bloodstream that later deposits as fat. Def, one of my favorite supplements that allow me to control my insulin spikes on carb meals.


Glycoload: On the other hand on my heavy training days, I rely on a boost of glycogen with the assistance of Glycoload. Helps with a burst of energy during those heavy sets and allows you that fullness and pump we seek when training.


Hydra-EAA along with Citrulline, Creatine, L-Glutamine and off course Glycoload Are my hydration staples during my training. These all have intertwined benefits to help maximize your full growth potential.


When it comes to whey protein Isolate, I’m a huge fan of ISOpwdr for its fast absorption, low calorie and amazing taste.


On my vitamins and other beneficial supplements I’m big on the consistent use of these: Ashwagandha, Vit D3+K2, Omega 369, Vit C, CLA3000, Elderberry. Vitagen is also an essential immune system multivitamin booster.


Last, but not least my fat-burner of choice has to be Synedrex. It is a powerful energy source with clarity and mental focus being one of its primary elements and the ability to suppress those cravings that allow you to maintain your calorie deficit in effect.

TRY Juan

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