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This Butter Pecan Protein Ice Cream is the most addicting healthy ice cream you will ever eat! It's got ribbons of caramel and crunchy pecan bits, all swirled together with creamy vanilla ice cream. Hard to believe it's made from cottage cheese! This recipe is also low carb, low in sugar, packed with protein, and gluten-free.

NOTE: We used Swerve brand for the brown sugar and powdered sweetener, but you can also use any sweetener that measures like sugar (monk fruit or stevia blend, allulose, etc.)

Butter Pecan Protein Ice Cream

Makes 2 servings 


2 tbsp. unsalted butter (or vegan butter)

2 tbsp. sugar-free brown sugar alternative 

1/4 cup chopped pecans

12 oz. 2% cottage cheese

2 scoops (90g) MuscLean Vanilla Milkshake protein powder

2 tbsp. sugar-free powdered sweetener

1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Dash salt


Heat butter in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until melted. Add brown sugar sweetener and simmer over low until slightly thick and caramelized. Stir in pecans then set aside to cool.

Blend cottage cheese until smooth. 

Add MuscLean, sweetener, vanilla extract, and a dash of salt; blend until combined. 

Add pecan mixture from saucepan and blitz/pulse blender twice to barely combine. 

Use a rubber spatula to transfer blender contents to a sealable, freezer-safe container. You can also use a loaf pan and cover with cling wrap.

Seal or cover your container with cling wrap, then transfer to the freezer. 

Freeze for about 3-4 hours, until you reach an ice cream texture. Stir at least once during that time for the best texture.

Spoon into bowls and enjoy! You can make this into four servings (about 1/2 cup each) if you want fewer calories. 

Seal any leftovers and return to your freezer. When ready to eat, you will need to thaw on the counter for 5-10 minutes. 

Calories (half of recipe): 533kcal, Fat: 35.9g, Sat fat: 5.4g, Carbs: 15g, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 9g, Protein: 41g, Sodium: 687mg

Finished Product

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